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Dec 09 2019

Dead of Red Flag Law

The video below may be a year old, but it is still ahead of its time. It offers a preview of America’s future if Democrats prevail. Authorities enforcing a red flag law in Anne Arundel County, Maryland killed 60-year-old Gary Willis for not being willing to waive his right to bear arms.

Baltimore’s WJZ presents:

Willis was described by neighbors as “a nice man who they saw walking his dog around the neighborhood.”

Key points from the video:

1. The raid evidently occurred before dawn, just like they did it in the Soviet Union.

2. According to a neighbor, “crime just doesn’t happen” in this neighborhood. It does now that oppressive Big Government has transformed honest citizens into criminals by denying them fundamental rights.

3. No one seems to know who dropped the dime on Willis, condemning him without due process as being unfit to exercise his constitutional rights.

Michael Bloomberg is hardly the only Democrat to favor red flag laws as a means to deny Americans their right to bear arms.

Via Vlad Tepes, on a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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