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May 15 2018

Debunking Vox Antigun Propaganda Propagated by David Hogg

Wringing the last seconds out of his 15 minutes of fame, young master David Hogg continues to propagate antigun propaganda, stooping even to disseminating deliberately misleading crap he found on Vox:

Fellow Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv makes the chart somewhat more useful by providing annotation:

As even the New York Times admits, most gun deaths in the USA are suicides. If suicide concerns you, then address mental health rather than guns, because any number of tools can be used to carry it out.

But then, the same holds true of mass killings. The deadliest school massacre in U.S. history involved dynamite, not guns.

Anyone still taking Vox’s B.S. seriously is referred to Steven Crowder:

Like they say, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Creative propagandists can make charts proving anything they like. Fortunately, the charts only work on dupes.

Hat tip: Downtrend.

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