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Mar 19 2019

Decapitating the Americans Americans Won’t Decapitate

Illegal aliens are politically favored, but even they get punished sometimes. For example, Neri Damian Cruz-Carmano of Mexico was sentenced to 20–33 months in prison for decapitating 26-year-old Jamar Beach of Raleigh, North Carolina in a hit and run:

“He had no business here in the first place and he should not have been operating a vehicle,” Beach’s mother Cameo Robinson said. “He didn’t have a license. So therefore he’s being treated better than the citizen who’s been killed.”

Of course. American citizens are less likely to be dependent on government handouts. Therefore, they are of less use to the Democrats who control most everything regardless of who is in the White House.

Authorities believe that Cruz-Carmano was impaired and caused the accident. Drunken driving that causes fatalities is a specialty of illegal aliens from south of the border. Another specialty is supporting Democrats, so the floodgates remain open, regardless of the consequences for public safety.

Beach left a 2-year-old son who will grow up without a father but with lots of the multicultural enrichment that mass immigration without assimilation brings.

With credit for time served, Cruz-Carmano will be eligible for release in 14 months.

Look at the bright side; there is a chance he might be deported, which would put him to the trouble of having to sneak back into the country again along with the estimated 76,000 other illegal aliens who pour across the open border every month.

Beach was decapitated in the horrific incident. Cruz-Carmano dragged his body as he fled like Beto.

“Black lives matter!” they shriek. Yet Jamar Beach is one black life that does not matter to the open borders Democrats.

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