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Jan 25 2022

Decline of Western Civilization as Russian Disinformation

Pay no attention to the greatest tragedy in human history. According to the Biden Regime, which has played an outsized role in engineering the collapse of Western Civilization, our ignominious decline and fall are just Russian disinformation.

The decay of traditional values, the triumphant ascendancy of degeneracy and depravity, the rejection of Christianity in favor of nihilism, the displacement of the population through massive immigration from the Third World, whole generations brainwashed to hate their own race and history, the sacrifice of excellence and even competence to equity, the collapse of public order, the erosion of the economy through profligate government spending — all of these are illusions cast by magical Russians who have the power to cloud men’s minds.

Or maybe our rulers are lying again:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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