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May 17 2019

Delivering Goods in the Rainbow Utopia

It doesn’t matter how excessively the remaining whites are taxed. There will still be a shortage of goods in the rainbow utopia now that Afrikaners have been compelled in the name of moonbattery to turn the country they built out of wilderness over to savages. In part this is because not all of the savages will wait for the socialist government to do the looting on their behalf. Here’s what truckers risk while delivering goods:

On Sunday morning, a truck carrying clothing due for Cape Town, was stoned from a pedestrian overpass. The boulder smashed through the windscreen, injuring the driver, who then lost control of the vehicle. Before the dust had settled, a group of frenzied looters descended on the wreckage, pillaging and plundering the cargo hold. The driver of the truck died as a result of the stampede.

This was no one-off.

Less than 24 hours after Sunday’s deadly encounter yet another two trucks were attacked in the same area. The modus operandi is grossly similar; boulders were flung from the overpass and smashed into the trucks’ windshields.

At least being a trucker in South Africa isn’t as dangerous as being a white farmer.

Meanwhile, the lights are going out.

At this point it might be best to evacuate the last civilized people and declare South Africa a nature preserve.

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