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Aug 04 2018

Delta and United Airlines Offer Free Airline Tickets to Illegal Aliens

Crime does not pay — unless you want free airline tickets:

Delta and United Airlines have both announced they will offer free and complimentary flights to families who became separated when they illegally crossed into the United States from Mexico.

Immigration advocacy group says it is coordinating plans for free flights for up to 1,000 families on United Airlines flights alone, presumably by August 4. But that date could be extended. According to president Todd Schulte, “All of these airplane tickets are same day or 24 hours out, they’re incredibly expensive.”

That is, they are incredibly expensive for law-abiding US citizens. For foreign invaders who scoff at our laws and our national sovereignty, the tickets are free of charge, compliments of “virtue”-signaling fools.

This subversive stunt must be considered likely to improve the public’s perception of these companies. If this calculation is correct, America is in deep trouble.

On a tip from Chronos Z. Wonderpig.

2 Responses to “Delta and United Airlines Offer Free Airline Tickets to Illegal Aliens”

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