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Mar 21 2019

Dem Resistance to Teaching Constitution

State law requires University of South Carolina to teach students a course on America’s founding documents, including the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers. However, universities answer to a higher authority: moonbattery. Consequently, the law has been ignored. This may change, but not without bitter resistance from Democrats:

South Carolina Democrats argued for more than an hour to prevent legislation that would require state universities to teach a “Constitution 101” course Tuesday.

The Republican-proposed bill would update an existing 1924 requirement to teach the course, which the University of South Carolina has hitherto ignored. The legislation has already passed in the Senate, but Democrats in a Tuesday House subcommittee hearing argued the update would be too burdensome on students both financially and academically.

Democrat state reps of color Ivory Thigpen and Wendy Brawley denounced the class on the grounds that students at state-supported schools might have to help pay for it and worse yet could be tested on the material.

The real issue is that the material in question would undermine the leftist indoctrination that has increasingly become a central purpose of higher education. It might even encourage love of American heritage, which is the opposite of what the Democratic Party has come to stand for.

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