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Dec 06 2017

Dem State Senator Gets Lavish Pension After Corruption Conviction

What does it take for a corruptocrat to get cut off from glutting himself at the public teat? Apparently more than what former Pennsylvania State Senator Robert Mellow was locked up for doing:

Years after he went to federal prison for corruption, the longtime Democratic leader of the state Senate will get his $245,000 annual pension back, a state board has narrowly decided.

Mellow was convicted of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and to defraud the USA. He had his taxpayer-funded staff raise money and work on political campaigns. No biggie, for such a high-ranking Democrat.

A board order dated Nov. 6, after all members had cast their ballots, calls for Mellow to receive his $20,510 monthly pension (more than $245,000 a year), plus payments and interest for the time it was forfeited. A portion of that will go to his ex-wife, Diane Mellow, as part of the couple’s divorce settlement.

Get back to work, taxpayers! Someone has to pay for all this.

On a tip from itsatax.

5 Responses to “Dem State Senator Gets Lavish Pension After Corruption Conviction”

  1. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Wherever democraps are a majority, there’s this unbridled corruption.

    Repubs are not innocent of this, but if a city or state is under dem control, you know someone’s pocket is getting lined with lots of $$$.

  2. octa bright says:

    After faithfully serving the Commonwealth for more than 20 years I received a pension of less than 1/8 that amount, into which I contributed my whole career. People like that are at least part of the reason the rest of the civil service pensioners are begrudged our pensions.

  3. Jack Bauer says:

    Hey Eddie…
    RE: This story of corruption
    How “Massachusetts” of them, eh?

  4. Richard Daniels says:

    These goons have the Mafia looking at them in admiration and awe.

  5. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Got that right Jack!

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