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Sep 12 2018

Democrat Bully Tactics Are Getting Out of Control

Susan Collins is not the only one exposed to the alarming willingness of today’s Democrats to resort to bully tactics to get their way at any cost:

The political left needs to do a better job of policing its members who are “inciting” violence, according to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who narrowly survived a politically-motivated mass assassination attempt in July 2017.

Noting recent instances of violence against Republicans, Scalise said that “some on the left are inciting this violence and frankly they should be called out on it.” He added that some Democrats are “almost encouraging” political violence.

Almost? We all heard prominent Democrat Maxine Waters scream that Democrats should “absolutely harass” Republican officeholders. In case anyone missed it:

This thug mentality pervades today’s Left, from Antifa sociopaths assaulting people in the street to the top levels of the Democrat Party. The civil tone they piously called for during their absurd attempts to blame Sarah Palin for the Jared Loughner shootings has been discarded in favor of setting fire to GOP offices. Public discourse has degenerated into the horrifying treatment Denise McAllister was subjected to when she dared express disapproval of abortion on Twitter.

Even public figures are taking part in the new Democrat civility. TMZ reports on Carol Cook:

Our photog asked Cook — a famous Broadway actress who also appeared on “Dynasty,” “Cagney & Lacey” and “Sixteen Candles” — what she thought about Trump, and she replied, “Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?” When our guy asked if she meant Trump should be assassinated she responded, “Why not?”

Technically, calling for the assassination of the president is illegal. But Cook is part of the entertainment elite. Even so, this sort of talk would land her in very hot water were a Democrat in office.

Words inevitably proceed to action:

Rudy Peters is running for Congress against California incumbent Rep. Eric Swalwell. Sunday, Peters was attending an event called the Castro Valley Fall Festival when he was approached by a man who began making “disparaging remarks” about the GOP and then pulled out a switchblade.

According to witnesses, Farzad Fazeli attempted to stab Peters before fleeing the scene.

If this continues to escalate, Brazil-style knifing of political candidates won’t be the end of it:

Police have responded to the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC after an anonymous threat to shoot up a meeting there supporting President Donald Trump.

The threat was made ahead of the planned Tuesday evening event by an anonymous Twitter account that supports the Democratic Socialists, a far-left political group.

‘I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies,’ the account wrote…

These people are not interested in sharing power with those who don’t conform to their ideology. They will settle for nothing less than absolute power and will stop at nothing to achieve it. If they fail, they will become ever scarier. If they succeed, they will become scarier still.

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