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Sep 09 2019

Democrat Platform: Ban Everything

Democrats have made clear what their devotion to the global warming hoax actually means in terms of policy. It is an excuse to ban everything.

To judge by this video synopsis of the recent CNN climate town hall featuring 10 Democrat presidential candidates, they will start with red meat, plastic straws, offshore drilling, incandescent light bulbs, the internal combustion engine, human reproduction, natural gas, coal, oil, the lucrative export of fossil fuels, fracking, “carbon” (i.e., CO2, which is required by plant life so that it can produce the oxygen required by animal life), nuclear power (the only reasonable alternative to fossil fuels), the coal-burning plants that provide a large percentage of our electricity (as well as millions of jobs, directly and indirectly), and “factory” (i.e., modern) farming. Anything worth having that hasn’t made the list yet soon will.

Via ‘Nox & Friends:

“There will be some pain there,” admits wannabe socialist dictator Bernie Sanders. Calling Robert Mugabe’s rule “problematic” has been topped already as the understatement of the year. Attempting to implement Democrats’ maniacal Green New Deal agenda would result in total economic collapse, followed by mass starvation and violence. With luck, we would end up occupied and administrated by the communist Chinese, who at least would keep the lights on and let some of us eat.

There is zero chance that any of the bans Democrats propose would have a perceptible effect on global temperature. But that’s okay, because global warming is not a real problem anyway.

A tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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