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Feb 09 2024

Democrat Rising Star: Tiffany Henyard

The Democratic Party has a new rising star:

The self-described “super mayor” of a small Illinois town has hit back at those who criticize her almost $300,000 salary and brazen use of public funds on flights, steakhouses and billboards — while her village faces a deficit.

Democrat Tiffany Henyard, elected as mayor of Dolton in 2021, claimed at a public meeting on Monday her critics are simply upset because she is a black woman in power.

She not only spends and plays the race card like a true Democrat but appears to achieve the level of integrity we have come to expect in the age of Joe Biden:

Henyard, who also serves as the Thornton Township supervisor, went on to hit out at her own village trustees, who filed a lawsuit against her, alleging she forged checks and withheld financial records.

She understands the value of promoting her brand:

Meanwhile, in the village billboards line the streets bearing Henyard’s face and name.

Henyard’s social media channels are described as “prolific.” Taxpayers pick up the tab for them.

Like antipolice congresscritter Cory Bush (D-BLM), Henyard spends a lot of public money on her own security. Too bad residents of Dolton don’t have that option:

[T]he village is now $5 million in the hole over the past two years, according to trustee Jason House.

The resulting budget cuts have been blamed for water main breaks, and for the lack of a police presence when four people were shot and injured last week.

Henyard also understands the socialist principle of pulling up the ladder after you:

Henyard, who collectively earns a $285,000 salary from her two positions, proposed a nearly 90% cut to her salary if someone else wins her spot in the next election, Fox 32 reported. However, if Henyard is re-elected, her salary would remain the same.

No need for Democrats to stick with the conspicuously senile Biden this November — not with talent like Tiffany Henyard on the farm.

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