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Mar 23 2019

Democrat Weirdness Gets Extreme

Matthew Walther has noticed the unsavory weirdness of this election’s bumper crop of Democrat presidential candidates:

I wish I could say that the worst thing about John Hickenlooper’s CNN town hall on Wednesday night was the part where he talked about watching Deep Throat with his mom. The former governor of Colorado, who is one of roughly 173 declared candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, explained that the porno-with-mom thing was not an accident. He said he knew that the movie was “naughty” but thought his mother might enjoy getting out of the house. Apparently after the infamous X-rated flick began she was “mortified.”

Walther considers it even worse that Hickenlooper wondered why no one asks female candidates if they are willing to pick a man for VP. He goes on to cite the obvious lie by Kamala Harris that she listened to Snoop Doggie Doo and Tupac Shakur while using illegal drugs in college, and the pornographic bovine poetry written by Robert Francis O’Rourke.

Speaking of Beto,

[I want to know] whether he actually took a handful of green feces, put it in a bowl, and served it to his wife once, telling her that it was avocado. Asked by a journalist recently to confirm the anecdote, which had been reported by a supposed friend of the candidate, he responded that while he didn’t remember this happening it “sounds like the kind of thing I would do.” Come again? If you fed excrement to the mother of your children, I feel like you would recall.

The Democrat presidential field is a conga line of freaks. Since it is such a wide field, any one of these nuts could end up winning the nomination with a plurality consisting of a small percentage of the vote.

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