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Feb 12 2021

Democrats Attack Right to Work With PRO ACT

A major aspect of the Democrat plan to achieve total power is to drive as many Americans as possible out of work. If the coronavirus lockdowns and push to more than double the minimum wage didn’t convince you of it, maybe the PRO ACT will:

U.S. House and Senate Democrats have reintroduced the PRO ACT, a sweeping pro-union bill that would wipe out right-to-work labor laws in 27 states.

Unions don’t want anyone working who isn’t in a union. Democrats want to please the unions, because that is where a lot of their money comes from.

The bill would make it illegal to permanently replace striking workers, adopt California’s ABC Test to give union officials the power to force tens of thousands of independent contractors into unions, shut down Big Labor’s competitors by granting special powers that enable union bosses to drive merit-shop companies out of business, reinstate the Obama-era “persuader rule” that makes it more difficult for employees to hear both sides before getting the chance to vote on unionization, and the Obama-era “joint employer” standard which allows for increased litigation, among many other provisions.

Democrats also want as many Americans as possible out of work, because that increases their power over us.

The PRO Act … would kill jobs and economic growth, the National Right To Work Committee argues. Its calculation of job growth in right-to-work states is double that of growth in forced-unionism states, and the average family living in a right-to-work state has $4,258 more to spend in after-tax real income.

A family that can support itself is a family that does not need Big Government and that may resent Big Government’s encroachment on the liberties that until recently defined us as Americans.

[O]ther groups like the International Franchise Association argue the bill will wipe out small businesses, including franchises.

After what Democrat governors inflicted on them during the lockdowns, not many small business owners will be voting blue. They are slated for destruction. This will please mega-corporations like Amazon, which like unions shovel money at the Democratic Party.

Driving unemployment into the stratosphere is not a bug; it is a feature. Democrats long to regain the power they had under FDR; unemployment averaged 18% during his first 8 years in office.

Today’s Democrats will never relinquish power, once they have gotten their hands on it. That’s why they plan to pack the Senate, abolish the Electoral College, and pass HR1. It is why they will deliberately hamstring the economy.

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