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Feb 12 2020

Democrats’ Demographic Deluge Strategy

Liberal propagandist Joe Scarborough confirms the Democrat game plan. They don’t have to come up with serious candidates or appeal to American voters. All they have to do is displace us from our own country.

Crows Joe:

“Democrats have won the popular vote 6 of the last 7 elections. They won a record landslide in 2018. Demographics are a freight train carrying them into the future.”

Joe Biden — who denounces the “white man’s culture” — has done similar crowing. Out in South Bendover, even Pete Buttigieg is aware of the overall strategy. He proposes an escalation.

Via Breitbart:

During a campaign stop in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Buttigieg touted his investor-friendly plan to inundate small American towns and rural communities with legal immigration for the sole purpose of driving up population growth.

The “investor-friendly” part may coax RINOs pandering to the Chamber of Commerce to go along. Their investments had better be short term, because in the long term this spells America’s doom.

Buttigieg’s population growth agenda mimics a plan by the Economic Innovation Group, an organization led by investors, that seeks to create a “Heartland Visa” to flood small American towns with more legal immigration to increase the population.

This not only increases the population but irrevocably alters it. That’s how the formerly conservative states California and Virginia (see here and here) fell under the control of leftists.

Already, America is becoming a place that is no longer America.

There are now 62 million immigrants and their U.S.-born children residing in the country, a record high, and nearly half of the residents in the country’s five largest cities speak another language other than English in their home.

When we are “more like the rest of the world,” we will have a political system more like the rest of the world — that is, dominated by the sort of authoritarian corruptocrats who run the Democrat Party.

The end game is currently unfolding in South Africa, as it has already unfolded in Zimbabwe. Liberals know exactly what they are doing.

Via Summit News:

Scarborough’s rhetoric … sounds similar to what was said at a recent Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights when a speaker referenced what had happened in South Africa before remarking, “People say that demographics aren’t destiny, well we are trying to make it destiny.”

If progressives prevail, America’s long-term destiny can be envisioned as an African child, face covered in flies, belly bloated by starvation, huddled in misery as a vulture edges closer. By that time, there will only be one party, which is already effectively true in California.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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