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Aug 26 2023

Democrats Hand Trump Black Votes

Democrats’ tinpot dictatorship tactics have blown up in their smug faces. They wanted to turn the leading opposition candidate into a criminal. Instead, they have made him an outlaw — in the romantic sense of the term.

Dems rely on getting virtually all of the black vote. Yet here’s the reception Trump’s motorcade received Thursday evening in a poor black neighborhood in Atlanta:

“Free Trump!” cry the people the media tells us Trump is racist against.

Trump is a brother now:

It isn’t that they like Trump because he is a criminal. They know he is not a criminal. He is a guy the Man wants to crush, but who is fighting back. Hard to be an American and not find that appealing.

Incidentally, the only Team Trump member still behind bars in Georgia is black: Floyd Harrison of Black Voices for Trump. Those voices are getting louder.

That’s okay, Democrats. Transsexuals will still vote for you. Look how well they have kept Bud Light sales afloat.

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