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Feb 13 2019

Democrats Love Drunk Driving Illegal Aliens

It’s not as if Democrat policies don’t benefit anyone. They just don’t benefit you. Others make out fine. Illegal aliens, for example. Here Democrat Senator Bob Menendez proclaims that illegals should not be incarcerated even if they are convicted of driving drunk:

Menendez goes on to quack that “No one, who is a real criminal at the end of the day, anyone is going to advocate for them to be let go, no.” Pretty rich, coming from somebody who narrowly avoided federal prison on corruption charges and who allegedly has sex with underage prostitutes down in the Dominican Republican, which could get even a New Jersey politician in trouble back home.

Meanwhile, at the local level,

Democrats believe that CMPD [Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department] is making illegal immigrants nervous with drunk driving and traffic safety checkpoints.

Details from WBT:

No wonder Democrats insist on keeping the border open so that illegal aliens can continue to pour across. They would be fools not to vote Democrat at every opportunity — and for illegal aliens, there is no shortage of voting opportunities.

On tips from Jester and Seaoh.

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