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Nov 14 2020

Democrats Plan to Make Elections Even Worse

If you liked the nationwide Democrat election fraud that has made the USA resemble a Third World country during the 2020 election, you will love future elections, assuming Nancy Pelosi is able to impose her will.

The system isn’t dysfunctional enough or corrupt enough, or Biden would have won decisively and Democrats would not have lost seats in the House. The solution: more fraud — or as Democrats put it, “election reform.”

If Pelosi’s reform passes, the government will pay people lavishly to run for office. The federal government will usurp state authority over elections. Allowing felons to vote will be required nationwide. All states will be forced to allow same-day voter registration. Early voting will be mandated, as will mail-in voting.

But at least Pelosi’s HR1 requires voter ID, right? Just kidding. Of course it doesn’t. The point is to facilitate fraud.

Sarah Corriher is aghast:

If Democrat radicals manage to take control of the Senate, power grabs like this will pass. America may have had its last legitimate election.

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