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Apr 01 2024

Demons Assail Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

If the Democrats running the country mark Easter by blasphemously declaring it Transgender Day of Visibility and banning Christian symbols, how do you suppose demons from the bowels of hell would acknowledge the most sacred day on the calendar? Here’s how: By laying siege to a famous cathedral on behalf of terrorist fiends:

Pro-Palestinian protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza interrupted Easter Mass on Saturday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Calling for a “ceasefire” in the aftermath of the worst terror attack since 9/11 is Euphemese for demanding that Israel surrender to terrorists who are not expected to honor any agreements and who systematically raped and tortured women and children on October 7.

[T]housands of pro-Palestine demonstrators congregated in Times Square earlier on Saturday before heading to the Easter Vigil service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. They started chanting “Free, free Palestine” during the second reading of the service.

“Free Palestine” is Euphemese for “eradicate Jews in their ancient homeland.”

This should come as no surprise:

At least some of the protesters were with Extinction Rebellion NYC’s Palestinian Solidarity group…

Extinction Rebellion has gained a name for itself with disruptive public climate change protests — including blocking major roads and hosting “die-ins” at major New York museums.

The connection between climate kookery and attacking an Easter service on behalf of Islamic terrorists is that both represent the embrace of evil as an end in itself. The purpose of environmental radicalism is not to prevent the climate from continuing to fluctuate like it always has but to engineer the collapse of the economy and inflict mass starvation — the inevitable result of implementing the green agenda. If anything could be as evil as supporting Hamas, it is the global warming hoax.

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