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Jan 29 2019

Dems Are Among Last Friends of Nicolas Maduro

The jig is about up for socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro. Yesterday the USA — which along with 21 other countries recognizes Juan Guaido rather than Maduro as Venezuela’s president — announced $billions in new sanctions. Media cameras have zeroed in on a notepad on which National Security Advisor John Bolton had written “5,000 troops to Colombia.” This is what Teddy Roosevelt would have called speaking softly and carrying a big stick.

Meanwhile, Venezuela’s economic collapse continues to accelerate, with inflation at 1,300,000% and 80% of Venezuelans reporting that they do not have enough food. Yet again we see that socialism does not work for anyone but the rulers.

But Maduro should consider the bright side. Russia is still on his side, bitterly denouncing the US sanctions. Others who support Maduro include China, Iran, Cuba, Turkey, Nicaragua, Hezbollah, and the increasingly dominant lunatic fringe of the Democrat Party:

Bernie Sanders has been barking about the evils of regime change.

Maduro stole the last election and his National Guard are killing protesters, but Mr. Sanders is most worried about U.S. support for “regime change.” … Bernie is siding with the dictator, who survives in power only because of the military and Cuban intelligence.

At least Sanders is consistent. He also sided with the Soviet Union during the cold war and the Sandinistas against the Contras. Bernie will always side with Marxist authoritarians against American interests. That’s why moonbats love him so much.

Sanders is not alone. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the ballyhooed Future of the Democrat Party, squeaks the following:

“[T]he US should not anoint the leader of the opposition in Venezuela during an internal, polarized conflict. Let us support Uruguay, Mexico, & the Vatican’s efforts for a negotiated settlement & end sanctions that are making the hyperinflation worse.”

Maduro is clinging to power by his fingernails. A “negotiated settlement” is unlikely, especially if we prop up the regime by dropping the sanctions. As for Guaido being anointed by the USA,

The elected Venezuelan National Assembly named Juan Guaidó its interim president, as it is allowed to do under the Venezuelan constitution.

Bernie and AOC advocate policies similar to what Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have imposed, as if they didn’t know what these policies did to Venezuela. Explicitly siding with the Maduro regime indicates that they do know, and would do to America what their fellow socialist looters did to the formerly wealthiest country in Latin America.

Maduro’s predecessor Chavez took power through a democratic election. It could happen here.

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