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Jun 25 2024

Dems Frame Gun Rights as Healthcare Crisis

The radical left cannot push its agenda much further without first disarming us. The Deep State has discussed framing political dissent as a “public health” crisis. Considering what they got away with regarding Covid tyranny, it was a no-brainer that Democrats would take the same approach toward our right of self-defense.

On behalf of the Biden Regime, AP proclaims:

The U.S. surgeon general on Tuesday declared gun violence a public health crisis, driven by the fast-growing number of injuries and deaths involving firearms in the country.

Why there might be an increase in firearm incidents following the war on local police liberals have conducted in the name of their lord George Floyd remains unmentioned.

The advisory issued by Dr. Vivek Murthy, the nation’s top doctor, came as the U.S. grappled with another summer weekend marked by mass shootings that left dozens of people dead or wounded.

This is why Democrats go out of their way to encourage urban crime, with top Democrat donor George Soros spending a fortune to install pro-criminal DAs like Alvin Bragg throughout the country. The violence can be exploited as a pretext.

To drive down gun deaths, Murthy calls on the U.S. to ban automatic rifles, introduce universal background checks for purchasing guns, regulate the industry, pass laws that would restrict their use in public spaces and penalize people who fail to safely store their weapons.

After taking these steps, progressives would take the next ones and the next after those, until they have rendered us defenseless.

Murthy has exploited his position to attack the right all other rights rest on before:

It was the NRA, and Republicans who enjoy the powerful gun lobby’s support, that almost derailed Murthy’s confirmation as surgeon general a decade ago. Murthy became quieter on the issue of gun violence after his past statements almost cost him the job. He ended up promising the Senate that he did “not intend to use my office as surgeon general as a bully pulpit on gun control.”

But everyone knows what a promise from a politician is worth.

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