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Nov 07 2019

Dems Fund Border Security — But Not for USA

Excellent news. As if in response to the recent butchery of American citizens across the porous border in the failing state of Mexico, the Dem-dominated House has finally taken some responsibility by voting to enhance border security.

I knew that at some point it would sink in that if it will not defend our border, the federal government serves no meaningful purpose. I knew Democrats could not be so treasonous as to leave the border essentially undefended even as Mexico collapses into chaos and hordes of grasping invaders flow through it from every dank cesspit of the Third World. I knew…

Hold on…

The border security is for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia, countries on the other side of the world that are not particularly friendly or relevant to the USA.

The spending is part of a bloated monstrosity of a bill that will cost tax slaves $984.7 billion in fiscal 2020.

Meanwhile, this what Americans get in return for our money. From the spending bill, via Townhall:

“None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act or any prior Department of Defense appropriations Acts may be used to construct a wall, fence, border barriers, or border security infrastructure along the southern land border of the United States.”

The Democrat Party is openly — you might say sneeringly — hostile to the interests and safety of the American people. Just as the federal government’s only real purpose is to defend the border, our only real purpose from the viewpoint of a federal government run by Democrats is to generate wealth to be confiscated and wasted.

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One Response to “Dems Fund Border Security — But Not for USA”

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