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Mar 13 2019

Dems’ Overreaction to Trump Could Doom Them

Democrats’ overreaction to Trump is causing their mask to slip, revealing the repellent radicalism beneath. Some liberals fret that this is going to cost them. Matt Lewis, writing in the Daily Beast:

Republicans are confirming judges hand over fist, so some Democrats are now saying they want to pack the courts. Trump is trying to use an emergency declaration to build a wall, so Democrats are threatening to use it on guns and climate change.

Even before the Mueller report has been issued, some Democrats are already champing at the bit to impeach. And if Trump wants a wall, Beto wants to tear down existing fencing—and other Democrats want to abolish ICE. …

If you were an American who was primarily concerned with the erosion of liberal democratic norms, why would you want to vote for Democrats who are hoping to seize on the precedent Trump has established—and put it on steroids?

Lewis acknowledges that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar have “become the face of the Democratic Party.” No responsible person would want nuts like those two in a position of authority.

Democrats forget why they call themselves progressives. Sane people will run away in horror if you declare up front that you want to destroy their world and replace it with some grim egalitarian dystopia. Leftists’ success over past decades has been due to the progressive frog in the pot strategy. Now they are turning the burner all the way up with radical proposals like the Green New Deal. By November 2020, the frogs will start leaping out.

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