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Feb 05 2020

Dems Want to Take Ban on Freelancers Nationwide

Anti-choice Democrats don’t mind denying children a quality education on behalf of unions; why should they mind denying tens of millions of people their right to earn an honest living? California has declared it illegal to work as a freelancer. Congressional Democrats want to take this malicious tyranny nationwide:

Congress is set to hear House Bill 2474, or Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019, this week. Of the 232 Democrats currently serving in the House, 215 signed on as original co-sponsors.

The bill redefines the word “employee” to apply to independent contractors. This would throw most freelancers out of work, as the people who pay them cannot afford the vast array of pricey benefits liberals in Washington have decreed are their “right.”

The similar AB5 has been a catastrophe in California. It deliberately threw a monkey wrench into the gears of the gig economy, imposing unemployment on otherwise productive workers. See here, here, here, here, here, and here for details. Workers in any number of industries — including publishing, catering, entertainment, media, construction, and trucking — are no longer allowed to ply their trade in California.

Another benefit of HR2474, from the left-wing union point of view, is that it would prevent employers from staying in business during union strikes.

The damage this would cause to the economy and to the lives of America’s 57 million freelancers is so severe that pandering to unions cannot completely explain Democrats’ motives.

Freelance workers are free. They personify American capitalism with their willingness to take risks and sometimes suffer hardships for the sake of independence. This is pure anathema to progressives, who loathe free enterprise.

Much better that workers should be forbidden to work and reliant on government handouts to survive. That will keep them voting for Democrats.

This explains why Democrat congresscritters would hiss like snakes when Trump mentioned during the State of the Union last night the 7 million people who have been able to work their way off food stamps thanks to the healthy economy.

If modern Democrats were merely wrong, they could be talked around to a more sensible point of view. But they are not so much wrong as malevolent.

Hat tips: Maggie’s Farm, Frontpage Mag.

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