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Jul 07 2019

Denounced by Feminazi Columnist for Wanting Hug From Granddaughter

In a world gone mad with #MeToo mania, a guy wanting a hug from his 1-year-old granddaughter is to be viewed as sexual assault. At least it is if you go by the advice of feminazi columnist Clementine Ford.

Via Daily Mail:

An anonymous mother wrote to Ms Ford through Yahoo, asking how she should respond to her father-in-law offering to blow bubbles for her one-year-old daughter on the condition she gave him a hug.

She said her daughter had been playing with her grandfather, who was blowing bubbles for her. When he stopped, the one-year-old asked him to keep going.

The grandfather responded by telling her: ‘I’ll blow you more bubbles if you give me a hug’, the woman said.

The mother is of course a moonbat, or she would not solicit advice from a self-described “hardline feminist” like Ford. She got what she asked for: confirmation that the grandfather deserves denunciation as an agent of the patriarchy.

Here we see a touching family moment twisted and made toxic by moonbattery in two ways. Feminism poisons any interaction between males and females. Beneath this lies another factor: the mainlining of perversion and the sick sexualization of everything and everyone. In a culture that would produce Desmond Is Amazing, no physical interaction can be innocent, not even wanting a hug from a 1-year-old.

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