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May 29 2016

Denounced for Holding the Line by Those Who Cut and Run

Trump supporters characteristically shout that they are angry, but conservatives who reject Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party on behalf of progressive populism may be angry too — at the fools who promoted Trump even when he could have been stopped in favor of a conservative candidate (e.g., Sean Hannity); at the defeated pols eager to bend at the knee and serve their new master (e.g., Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Rick Perry); at the unprincipled mercenaries who carefully jockey for position at the expense of the conservative cause and the country’s welfare (e.g., Rush Limbaugh); but possibly most of all at those who understand how disgusting it is that this liberal sideshow act could become the perceived figurehead of the conservative movement, but who have submissively fallen in behind him, denouncing those who resist.

First I heard Dennis Prager describe Trump as “lowlife.” Not long afterward, when Trump had effectively secured the nomination, I heard Prager spin on his heel and condemn those who won’t support Trump for “virtue signaling,” which according to Prager makes us no better than liberals. The last time I tried to listen to him, he was droning sanctimoniously about the importance of having a moral compass. Good thing he is on the radio, so he doesn’t have to keep a straight face.

Virtue signaling is supposedly bad because it is selfish to put your own principles ahead of the party. But if it weren’t for principles, there would be no point in supporting a party in the first place. Also, betraying your principles causes you to lose credibility. The more Republicans sell out to Trumpism, the less credibility the party has going forward. There will still be elections after this Dumpster fire is over.

In the blogosphere, Ace of Spades has performed the Prager pirouette with similar dexterity. He proclaimed in March:

“I didn’t join the conservative movement to become a fascist.”

The reference was to the fascistic Trump campaign.

Now that Trump has effectively secured the nomination, Ace finds new targets for denunciation — namely, those who still won’t ride the Trump Train. Astonishingly, we are told that if we don’t support the Code Pink progressive, we belong with the Democrats:

It’s time for actual Democrats, who are most comfortable with Democrats, and feel the most affinity for Democrats, to make their party allegiance official and simply declare for Hillary Clinton and join the Democratic Party.

Incidentally, Trump was still a Democrat in 2009, the year he announced that America is too racist to appreciate the greatness of Barack Obama.

Ace barks that if you continue to speak out against Trump,

then you’re not merely #NeverTrump, you’re closer to #NeverReallyAConservative.

This is on a level with Trump supporters who sneer that conservatives have to “grow up” by betraying our principles on behalf of an alarmingly juvenile candidate who speaks to his comparably juvenile followers at a third- to fourth-grade language level.

I don’t blame people for going along. It is scary to get separated from the herd, even when you can see that the herd is stampeding off a cliff. Plus, losing audience hits you in the wallet; believe me, I know. But their condemnation of those who won’t betray conservatism grates on the nerves. It’s like being called a coward by deserters.

Erick Erickson may have a grasp on the psychology:

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47 Responses to “Denounced for Holding the Line by Those Who Cut and Run”

  1. CTsOpinion says:

    Trump continues to prove he is an ASSCLOWN every time he opens his mouth.

  2. Mike says:

    With “defeated pols”, Carson may just be a victim of the Stockholm syndrome, After being continually compared to a child molester, Carson has just gone all Patty Hurst in embracing the new SLA.

  3. Vote Third Party says:

    Who is Donald Trump?

    Kim Jong Un is “interesting guy”, would meet with him
    I won’t release my taxes
    The wealthy will have their taxes raised
    The Spics and their taco salads, big thumbs up
    The federal government should raise the minimum wage
    Ted Cruz’s father helped Oswald assassinate JFK
    Biological men ought to be able to use women’s restrooms
    Michelle Fields is a liar, she just wants attention
    Corey Lewandowski, terrific guy
    Tweet implying Heidi Cruz is ugly
    I might “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz
    Refuses to denounce KKK and David Duke endorsement
    My hands are just fine and my penis is plenty large
    Little Marco Rubio is a “chocker” and he sweats a lot
    Go ahead and rough up the protestors
    Planned Parenthood, they do good work
    Equating “new york values” with 9/11 and first responders
    I’m a Christian but I’ve never asked God for forgiveness
    Two Corinthians
    I’m definitely a Christian, check out my dead mother’s bible
    Lyin Ted isn’t faithful to Heidi
    Lyin Ted is a Canadian and isn’t eligible
    Lyin Ted got money from Goldman Sachs
    It’s ok when I hire a long time Goldman money guy
    Ted Cruz is a nasty guy
    9/11 was Bush’s fault
    I saw thousands of Muslims celebrating in America on tv
    Mocking a disabled reporter with a deformity
    Carly Fiorina… what’s up with that face?
    Little Rand Paul
    Low energy Jeb
    Megyn Kelly bleeding from her wherever
    Bimbos everywhere
    Giving out Lindsey Graham’s phone number on national tv
    I like the veterans who “don’t get captured.”
    I’m good friends with Putin
    Gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats, just business
    “I know Hillary and I think she’d make a great president”
    My pro choice sister would make a terrific supreme Court nominee
    Obama spoke for all of us after Newtown
    Hired almost exclusively non-citizens for seasonal work at resort
    I prefer Bill Clinton to both Bushes
    Supported Mitch McConnell over Tea Party challenger
    “I don’t march with the Tea Party”
    Eminent domain is a great thing
    “Nancy [Pelosi] — you’re the best. Congrats. – Donald”
    Trump University
    Rosie O’ Donnell is a fat pig
    Married three times
    Look, Im from new york, of course I support gay marriage
    Assault weapons should be banned
    Purchased Miss USA pageant, harassed and creeped out contestants
    Reagan was a “con man”
    My Vietnam was screwing lots of women while trying to avoid an STD
    Etcetera etcetera…

    “…Of course, he’s not a conservative [Donald Trump]. He was for Nancy Pelosi, before he was against Nancy Pelosi…celebrity is everything in this country if these guys don’t learn how to play the media the way Barack Obama played the media last election cycle and the way that Donald Trump is playing the election cycle–we’re going to probably get a celebrity candidate.” – Andrew Breitbart

  4. bitterlyclinging says:

    The only other choice is voting Hillary,
    Every political action has an equal and opposite political reaction. Eight years of our Community Organizing, perpetually rubbing raw the resentments of America’s protected classes, Pervert in Chief has bequeathed America-Trump.

  5. […] Standing by your principles is not virtue signaling. This is virtue signaling: […]

  6. Nobama says:

    All of this talk is pointless now that Cruz is gone.

    It’s now down to the lesser of 2 evils. And you’re out of your mind if you think Trump is worse than Hillary. She’ll give amnesty to millions of warfare-dependent illegals and appoint the most leftist Supreme Court our country has ever known. The Conservative movement will never gain political power again. Not in 4 years or even 100. Hope you #NeverTrumpers are proud of yourselves for doing nothing to help stop it.

  7. pandelume . says:

    That flip from Ace was disappointing, for sure.

  8. douglas says:

    Dave Blount, you either want Hillary or Trump to win. Don’t be a coward and just admit you want Hillary. You can’t be half pregnant on the question. The reason we lost the lastv2celections is because “principled” antiquated conservatives like you don’t know how to play the 21st century media game in this uneducated electorate. You care more about PROVING you’re right than IMPROVING your chance of winning. Trump is more conservative than Hillary on Supreme Court justices, illegals, pro life, gun control, supporting our VETS, the military, mining, farming, job creation, homeland security, taxes, on and on. Sorry he’s not perfect …grow up, get over it…Ted lost.

  9. […] Standing by your principles is not virtue signaling. This is virtue signaling: […]

  10. MicahStone says:




    –through treatment of comments/commenters, editorials, article slant/bias… (THE WORST OF THE WORST) (NOTHING ORIGINAL HERE – just a low-level regurgitation site) (A SLIGHTLY LESS INSANE VERSION OF GatewayPundit)

  11. Godis1Love says:

    Thank you! Almost all of the websites that I used to visit daily are Trump Chumps now. It’s good to know that not everyone is drinking the KKKool Aid!

  12. MicahStone says:

    To confused, shallow “thinkers” like Ace of Spades and Prager, disgust at the horrific damage done to our country by leftists and their their GOP RINO Establishment partners DIRECTLY TRANSLATES into their misguided support for Trump. They don’t comprehend -or simply chose to ignore- the real potential DAMAGE that Trump – fundamentally a flip-flopping, unprincipled, d-cRAT liberal – will do. Sad, really sad.

  13. Godis1Love says:

    Thank you for speaking truth to power and sticking to your conservative principals!!!! I was a huge Ben Carson supporter, and it’s just really sad that he went from promising us to stick it out and not endorse anyone until the convention, to licking Trumps boots within a matter of days the week that Carson dropped out. Ben Carson was the most openly religious candidate, and the candidate who expressly felt a higher calling to run for president. But, there has been no mention of God directing him to support Donald Trump, only political expedience. The same political expedience that political outsiders like Carson were supposed to be running against. I’m convinced that Trump has been all but nominated to usher in a bigger race war than Trayvon Martin or Ferguson or Baltimore ever could… Which in turn will lead to martial law. Anyone supporting Trump may as well have innocent American blood on their hands, as far as I’m concerned. That means Dr. Ben Carson too.

  14. Godis1Love says:

    Right on!!!!

  15. CTsOpinion says:

    You are talking out your ass and you don’t know to whom you are replying. Your willingness to sellout your integrity speaks for you.

  16. Nobama says:

    Yes! Stick to your conservative principles! Help Hillary get elected!

    You people are nuts.

  17. […] Standing by your principles is not virtue signaling. This is virtue signaling: […]

  18. Gospace says:

    I understand your feeling on Trump completely. I voted for Cruz in my state’s primary. Come November, I’ll vote for Trump as the lesser of two evils option. UNLESS, unless, serious polling shows that a third party vote in my state could send the election into the House of Representatives. Seriously doubt that’s going to be an option. The Never Cruz section of the GOP bought and paid for Trump’s victory. Since they’re the power bloc in the senate, let them deal with what they wrought.

  19. Torcer says:

    Thank you for posting that – I would add “Free Republic” to that list – while they have been Trumper for months – they just recently decided to protect freedom by censoring it.

  20. 762x51 says:

    Ridiculing people for their principles and claiming they are insane because they disagree with you. How very Progressive of you. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

  21. 762x51 says:

    Did that imbecile just refer to John McCain and Mitt Romney as principled Conservatives? Seriously?

    No wonder we end up with the likes of them and tRump.

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  23. Nobama says:

    I’m no Alinskyite. Think of it more as tough love.

    Cruz is gone. So what you call principles, I call nothing more than smug self-righteousness.

    At this point, real principles mean doing everything possible to stop permanent damage to our country, even if it means voting for a crazy orange clown just to stave off the flood of dependent-class foreigners and up to 5 more Ginburgs on the Supreme Court.

    At least the clown will be temporary, and hopefully in office just long enough for a Convention of States to amend the Constitution in order to put the Fed Govt back in its proper place.

  24. Never mind ‘conservative’, it seems far too many (esp. A.O. Spades) have no concept of ‘principles.

    Let’s assume Hillary stays out of jail and becomes president. We survived 8 years of Obama – how could it possibly get any worse?

    I can remember how conservatives rallied around the idea that Obama was uniquely unqualified to be president. But we are being told that selling condos and promoting online scams somehow makes an obnoxious used-car salesman like Trump qualified?

    Trump can have the GOP, because I want nothing further to do with them. The GOP is now simply a branch of the Democratic Party, and Trump – a lifetime liberal New England Democrat – seems the perfect person to lead them.

    And I refuse to waste my time voting for his pompous ass simply out of fear that someone else – even Cankles – might take the reigns of our diseased central government. Without the support of Congress, she will be as ineffective as Obama.

    And I’m tired of hearing “but what about the SCOTUS appointments?” I seem to recall a couple of real “conservative” picks by 43 that ended up turning to the Dark Side when it counted. I refuse to abandon my principles on what may or may not occur.

    Unless things change dramatically, I will be fishing on Election Day.

  25. Mr_Paine says:

    I supported Dole, McCain and Romney despite deep misgivings. You people are a joke. You cannot be taken seriously, you have become the Moonbats you were warning us about.

    Do you really think we will be anywhere near as bad off if Trump gets elected as opposed to HRC? Your reality check bounced.

  26. AlecJ says:

    Thank you for not folding like a cheap card table. The Ace surrender is really disappointing. I didnt think he would ever just go along with mindless zombie crowd. Although he once said all it would take is a nice big check….maybe he got it.

    Trump is a disgusting scumbag who lies about everything. He will burn anyone at anytime…..just watch him.

    Donald believes in Donald and nothing else. Maybe that leads to him trying to be a good President for ego sake, but more likely it leads to a Herbert Hoover-Richard Nixon style destruction of the country and GOP…..

    Im with you.

  27. AlecJ says:

    Your bad judgement doesnt make us a joke…it makes you a joke.

    Only a Trump supporter would admit to supporting terrible candidates and then blame someone else for their bad judgment now.

    The simpleton view that Donald is better than Hillary because he has an “R” and she has a “D”, ignores the entire rest of the governmental system, the future of the GOP, and the fallout of from a disaster Donald Presidency.

    Hoover gave us 16 years FDR, Nixon was responsible for a million terrible things, Bush gave us Obama and Obamacare.

    Winning an election with a pathological liar and a man room temperature IQ, only leads to the terrible policy and then backlash Democrat power.

    So you keep lying to yourself…..Some of us are still individuals.

  28. AlecJ says:

    That statement proves you are not only dishonest, but intellectually defective.

    Those two statements are unrelated.

    Donald primary voters are the ones who might get Hillary elected not those of us not willing to vote for him now.

    We have nothing to do with it.

    Check your logic, friend.

  29. AlecJ says:

    Call it whatever you want. Doing something you think is wrong for expedience sake, or “the end justify the means” is textbook Alinsky.

    Donald is a scumbag. Let him win or lose with the scumbag vote.

    Im out.

  30. Strnj1 says:

    Sadly, I see him, Trump, playing his own version of Hillary’s “accent game” where he switches up his stand on different positions as he travels from audience to audience across the country…

    I saw so many great candidates on the conservative side in the beginning only to see them brushed aside by this loudmouth and his “lapdog media” (though the Fox News reporter did take a token stand at the debates) that has been previously unheard of since my childhood days…

  31. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Damn right your out. The number of social Conservatives voting in national elections aren’t enough to make a wet fart stain in a white suit.
    If you were numerically powerful, you would have elected someone other than Romney, McCain, Dole, Dubya and would have passed bills in Congress that changed the shape of the laws in this country.

    You couldn’t even get Cruz to win the southern states primaries. Trump took those. Stop with the bluster; tell that Erich Erickson to blow it out his ass.

  32. MissAnthropy says:

    They haven’t yet come to grips with the fact that they are not “the silent majority” after all.

    Politics exist downstream of culture. The Left has had a near monopoly on the commanding heights of the culture for generations. That’s the reality of 21st century America. It dictates the parameters of political contests. If you can achieve some important goals while packaging them in populism, it’s better than stewing in self-righteous moralizing. It’s literally the best you can hope for in our current reality.

  33. Ed. G. Mann says:

    I have had individuals tell me that they’ll never compromise their principles. Core principles OK, but there are others that one can set aside for the time so that one can get elected into the power base. With out that, no one is going anywhere.

    Look at the Left. They will turn themselves inside out to maintain power and they have. Every thing tried by the Right has been stymied. It doesn’t help that the GOPe don’t care for the Social Conservative position. Why they stay in the GOP is beyond reason. Form a separate party, put your own candidates up for office and vote for them.

    If the answer is we can’t get enough votes to win, that should tell you right away that you’re a small minority.

  34. 762x51 says:

    Ever notice how the Trumpanzees hoot and holler at us because we won’t back their boy, ridiculing our principles then tell us we a tiny minority that has no power and means nothing. Aside from the fact that they are using pure Alinsky tactics, the whole thing makes no sense. Either we have enough power to make a difference or we don’t and our presence or absence will make no difference. Like the true Progressives they are, they try to have it both ways. It’s like listening to Hillary but with chimp screeching, not cackling.

  35. 762x51 says:

    But the number of neo-Marxist fucktards like you is way up. So go vote for your boy, let your fascist dreams run wild, Eddie, you should be able to get this done with out us.if we are truly the small, powerless minority you believe we are.

  36. Minnie Pearl says:

    Thanks for this excellent post and for remaining firm in your convictions.

  37. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Don’t get all pissy and do your name calling thing. Prove me wrong. If you can. So far, all mouth.

  38. Mr_Paine says:

    You aren’t an individual, you’re an idiot.

    Who exactly do you support? Someone will be sworn in on January 20. Bernie/HRC or Trump. Who do you support, some loser that will throw the race to the Dems?

    I like Trump because he is not a politician. I like him because he is a successful businessman and he says it like it is. Who do you like?

    I supported the party candidate after the smoke cleared and one was selected. Who did you support in 96, 2008 and 2012?

    Are you one of those dipshit Libertarians who doesn’t know a damn thong about politics, that thinks you can win the White House and nothing else and make a difference?

    You are another crybaby loser. Go away.

  39. 762x51 says:

    Cruz didn’t lose because of of a lack of Conservative votes, he lost because you neo-Marxist fucktards foisted tRump on the GOPee and the sheep fell in line behind the $2B in positive media coverage. Now, you are stuck with him and squirming like a worm on a hook, whining because we won’t support you and your Progressive candidate. We don’t want Hillary OR her donor. Either we are necessary to your cause and you should have recognized that early on and not been the flaming assholes you have been, or you don’t need us as you and your boy have said in which case, you should just go away so that the monkey house stench leaves this site. Prove me wrong asshole.

    As for all mouth, I’ve told you, any time you think you are man enough, I’ll be happy to meet you and give you personal tour of hell on Earth. You chicken out every time, preferring to hide behind your keyboard like all the Progtard fascist cowards. Otherwise, go fuck yourself, pussy.

  40. 762x51 says:

    Yeah, an authoritarian fascist like tRump will help make that happen. Can you hear yourself? That is absolutely ludicrous!

  41. Nobama says:

    You obviously know nothing about the Convention of States movement. The president has no control over it, nor does Congress. It’s run by the States.

    We do need 34 state legislatures to apply though, and 38 states to ratify any new amendments. It’s going to be tough as it is, but even tougher if the foreign invasion isn’t stopped.

  42. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Of course, Cruz WON because of all you billions of conservatives that voted for him; you just outnumbered the rest of the voting publlic. Why everyone can see your point, at least when you take off your hat.

    Others are right, when you lose an argument, you resort to threats and name calling. That is so trailer park.

    But you haven’t proven me wrong.

  43. 762x51 says:

    You’re too stupid to even see the point I was making, blew right on past you, dumb fuck. You are just enamored of your own bullshit, you can’t even recognize anything else, pathetic. Cruz lost because idiots, like you, fell for the Progressive in Republican clothing candidate trick, AGAIN!

    I haven’t lost the argument, I recognize that you and I will never, ever agree about this or probably anything else. I also recognize that you are fascist Progressive who I despise and that will one day need to be eliminated on the battlefield. I just thought I ‘d get stared on any Progressive volunteers that might have an ounce courage. So far, there haven’t been any, but enjoy demonstrating your cowardice for all to see. By the way, imbecile, there was never a threat, there was an an offer that you ever felt like it, I would meet you. I can’t tell if you are just too damn stupid to discern the difference or are just employing your typical Alinsky tactic of deceit. See, your cowardice is matched only by your dishonesty so it a definitive answer will take more observation as to which you are displaying here.

    You can’t stand having anyone stand up to your bullying, I can’t imagine the abuse your wife has endured from a scumbag like you, poor woman.

  44. 762x51 says:

    I know plenty about the meaning of a Convention of States, you clearly have no idea how fascism works. If you believe that any totalitarian run government, and the current one is nothing compared to what is headed our way, regardless of which phony “party” wins in November, is going to just allow you to have a convention that puts them out of business, you are smoking crack, laced with LSD, wrapped in marijuana. As for getting 34 state legislatures to agree to a Convention of the States, what millennium do project that happening in, because it won’t be this one or the next one either. Even if it was the next millennium, we don’t have that kind of time. You will never get even half that many to pass the required legislation to call for that convention.

    The political parties control the electoral process at the state level just as much as they do at the federal level, perhaps more. They are NEVER going to put up people for state election who will vote for such a thing, EVER! They know that one of the primary objectives would be to limit their power and the power of their ruling class members. It is the kind of thing that could happen IF you had honest politicians of which there be ten in the entire country, but if you had honest politicians, you wouldn’t need a convention of states.

    Constitutionally, it is the right thing to do but out here in the real world it will never happen. You can cling to that pipe dream for the rest of your life, it will never happen. My way is far shorter plus it has the added benefit of ridding us of the Progressive fucktards who stink up this country now. If I were to survive that war, doubtful, I could see my children living as real Americans instead of slaves, if not, at least they will know I tried to do something to save them besides sitting around with my thumb up my ass, whining about a Convention of States that was never going to happen. Additionally, it is the ONLY way that will now work to throw off the yoke of tyranny that currently enslaves us. Believing that you can “vote” totalitarians out of power is cute, but hardly realistic.

    Man up, grow a pair and prepare to do your duty to pass freedom to your progeny. Make the sacrifice that others made for you, or just practice your, “I’m sorry you kids have to be slaves instead of being free because I was too chicken to do anything real to free you”, speech. Those are the only realistic choices you have left.

  45. Ed. G. Mann says:

    No putz punim, I understood it; I simply laughed at it.

    You’re still going on and on with the screaming and stamping of feet, infantile name calling and pissing your pants.

    You haven’t disproved my point and all the acting out doesn’t hide that fact. Cruz lost because his message didn’t have enough backers to carry the day in the primaries. He couldn’t win the southern primaries Where HE SAID he would win.

    Now there only two reasons for that.
    One is the message wasn’t well received by the Social Conservatives so they voted for Trump
    Two is there just aren’t enough of you to elect your candidate.

    Since Cruz didn’t do well at all in the West where he again said he would win and DIDN’T, I’d say it’s the latter.

    You just cannot stand the fact that Social Conservatism isn’t popular nationally but only in pockets in states and in some states. But not in enough states to sway an election

    The other Conservatives, the Fiscal Conservatives are just as to the right as you without the religious need to tell others how to live.

  46. 762x51 says:

    Prove me wrong, prove me wrong, See that would require that you were A. willing to listen, which you are not, and B. are capable of comprehending, which you are not. You whine like an 8 year old girl, I just wish you were as intelligent as one. If anyone is wetting their pants it is you douche nozzles over our refusal to support tRump, poor babies.

    Your false Alinsky choice between the Cruz message not being accepted or there just isn’t enough who will vote for him. The REALITY is that the Cruz message was drowned out by the Marxist Progressive media and you Trumpanzee fools. Your boy received $2BILLION dollars in free media coverage, many times what the other GOPee candidates got. It is how the media has selected every GOPee candidate for at least the last five quadrennial election cycles. They chose the biggest Progressive in the pack and play them up big so that they win the nomination. That way, whether an R or a D wins, there is always a Progressive in the White House. It mitigates the results of the election if their preferred D doesn’t win.Even a low wattage sand flea like you must understand the correlation between media coverage and the polls. Sheep do as they are told and they were told to vote for tRump. These are FACTS,they are incontrovertible.

    Your use of the term “Social Conservatism” gives away your Progressive ideology. It is another term like “neocon” which your fellow Progressives also coined. There si no such thing as a social conservative or a fiscal conservative. There are only Conservatives who are in fact classic liberals and Progressives who are classic fascist Marxists. You progtards know that if you can control the language, you will win the argument. I reject your terminology , I reject your arguments, I reject your attempts at childish control over every facet of everyone’s life. It has absolutely nothing to do with religion, although that is also a tell on your Progressive neo-fascism. If you want to know what a Progressive is up to, just look at what they are accusing you of, it will be the same thing.

    Ahh, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. How I wish you weren’t such a sniveling coward. Well, soon enough the war will be on and you won’t be able to hide any longer. Someone knows you and knows what a dirty little hard line fascist prick you are, they will take care of the problem and the world will be a better place without you..

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