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Oct 31 2018

Department of Health Forced to Evacuate Unhealthy Office

They told us the combination of multiculturalism and democracy would produce a rainbow utopia. Actually, it produces dysfunction. For example, South Africa’s Department of Health has been forced to evacuate its Head Office because the Civitas Building in Pretoria has been deemed unhealthy and unsafe by the Department of Labour.

Barks Health Department Director-General Malebona Matsoso:

“[B]e informed that the Department [of Labour] will take over the maintenance of the Civitas Building and employees will [be] informed on their return to the building until has been declared safe by the Department of Labour accordingly.”

The building is said not to meet requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

South African Health Products Regulatory Authority will have to find new digs. It is responsible for determining that, unlike its own building, medicine sold in the country is safe.

A billion rand was spent upgrading these offices in 2004. The shrinking minority that still pays taxes in South Africa instead of living off other people’s taxes will have to pony up once again.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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