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Jan 24 2019

Derelicts Crowd Commuters Out of NYC Subway Cars

New York City was a cesspool before Rudy Giuliani became mayor. The rot seemed to start underground with the NYC subway and seep upward from there. Under its current moonbat mayor, the city is suffering a relapse into decay. Combine that with the conspicuous absence of the global warming we were promised, and the NYC subway has come ever more to resemble the suburbs of hell:

As temperatures plunge, some subway riders say they’re seeing more and more homeless people seeking shelter inside subway cars.

Derelicts have turned subway cars into their mobile homes, filling them with ragtag belongings and using the benches for beds.

Edwin Rivera takes the subway early in the morning from the Bronx to a job near Columbus Circle. He has a hard time finding a seat on the makeshift sleeper cars.

“The smell is terrible… Sometimes they defecate on themselves and you have to leave that car.”

In utopia, leaving the car will not be an option. Everyone except our special rulers will take public transport when private vehicles have been abolished under the Green New Deal.

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