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Dec 17 2018

Desmond Napoles, Age 11, Exploited in Gay Bar

Social engineers will be proud to see that their special project Desmond Napoles is back in the news.

When we first met Desmond, he was titillating homosexuals by dancing erotically in a rainbow tutu during a New York City “pride” festival at age 8. At age 10, having come out as homosexual himself, he launched a drag club for children. At age 11, he performed a lewd dance on Good Morning America in what may be the most profoundly disturbing episode in the history of broadcast television.

Still only 11 years old, he has now headlined an event called “Club Whoa!” at 3 Dollar Bill, a gay bar in Brooklyn. Men reportedly threw money at the boy “as he danced on the stage in a wig and sexualized clothing.”

There may be a special place in hell for people who reduce children to depraved sex objects. This includes those in the “mainstream” media who promote it.

Hat tip: Whatfinger.

2 Responses to “Desmond Napoles, Age 11, Exploited in Gay Bar”

  1. […] Desmond Napoles is not the only little boy to be exploited as a public sex object by the aberrantly oriented community. Introducing 10-year-old Canadian drag queen Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, a.k.a. Queen Lactacia. […]

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