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May 16 2018

Despite High Unemployment, South Africa Imposes Minimum Wage

No worries; fundamentally transformed South Africa’s many problems will soon be over. The government is imposing minimum wage:

[Labor Minister Mildred Oliphant] said some of what she called propaganda against the minimum wage was “nothing but pure electioneering and attempts to score cheap political points” ahead of next year’s national elections.

“It is also disturbing that those who are against the national minimum wage, have nothing to offer as alternatives, but want to keep the status quo,” said Oliphant.

That is a familiar refrain among progressives. If you don’t have your own alternate plan for making things worse, then you lack ideas. Those who want to hold on to what’s left believe in nothing, unlike progressive nihilists who want to tear it all down.

The minimum wage will start low (at least by non-African standards) at R20 (US$1.59). But this being an easy issue for leftists to demagogue, you can expect it to climb upward until maximum unemployment is achieved.

Speaking of which, the unemployment rate in South Africa is 26.7%. Labor force participation is 59.3%. Anyone who expects minimum wage to improve these numbers needs to read Economics for Dummies.

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