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Nov 25 2019

Despite Police Shortage, Minneapolis Blows $772,107 on Hideous Art Project

You worked hard for your money, so you spend it wisely. Other people’s money you might spend less wisely — especially if the money belongs to other people in general, not particular people you know, and especially if you are a government bureaucrat. For example, Minneapolis is blowing a fortune on a repulsively hideous hanging sculpture for its new downtown Public Service Building.


Without any discussion, the Minneapolis City Council [last month] unanimously approved spending $772,107 on the project, including the sculpture and related costs.

Sixteen other artworks are planned for the building, which is scheduled to open next fall. Hopefully, this will be the most expensive one.

The artwork is certainly appropriate. What could better represent government services than a fortune wasted on useless idiocy?

This reminds us why, as noted recently, government should not be allowed to commandeer charity. Money confiscated in the name of helping the needy will get spent on crap like this.

There is a law for everything. Bureauweenies even have laws forcing themselves to waste money on frivolities:

A city ordinance requires 1.5 percent of capital projects — such as buildings, streets, or parks — to be spent on public art, [city arts administrator Mary] Altman said. The Service Building’s public art budget totals $2 million.

Joe Tamburino, chairman of the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association, would prefer the city to spend more on policing downtown. Given the effect the massive importation of diversity from Somalia has had on public safety in the area (see here, here, and here), that does sound like a wiser use of the money.

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