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Jan 20 2020

Destigmatizing Pedophilia

Progressive social engineers accomplished an amazing feat by mainstreaming homosexuality, which was nearly universally regarded as repugnant for centuries, in a short period of time with a blitzkrieg propaganda campaign. The same may be accomplished for pedophilia. The campaign is already gathering momentum.

This April 18, liberal Baltimore will host a workshop entitled, “Authenticity in the Face of Stigma: Challenges for Clinicians and Minor-Attracted People.”

Just as homosexuals must now be referred to as “gays,” pedophiles are to be called “minor-attracted people” or “MAPs.” What’s in a name? Plenty, or liberals would not dictate which words we can use with never-ending updates to the Newspeak Dictionary.

The goals of the workshop are for participants to:

• Become aware of the numerous ways stigma impacts the lives, relationships, and careers of MAPs, clinicians, and researchers.

• Learn about ways to effectively manage stigma and its effects.

That is, they will learn that pedophiles MAPs are sacred victims deserving of sympathy, just like homosexuals gays. Then they will learn how to reduce the stigma against this “orientation.”

Reducing stigma is a euphemistic reference to progressive objective #1: erode moral standards.

Progressives have consciously pursued this objective with welfare and single motherhood, with predictably pernicious results. Lately, they have been achieving it with drug use, mental illness, and sexual perversion, largely by sanctifying homelessness, transsexuality, and homosexuality.

That which shame once encouraged people to overcome, they are now egged on to wallow in with belligerent pride, while demanding special rights and privileges. It would be hard to imagine a moral virus more certain to destroy a civilization than liberalism.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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