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Feb 23 2019

Dianne Feinstein vs the Kiddie Khmer Vert

Cambodia lost a quarter of its population under the rule of transformative left-wing social engineers calling themselves the Khmer Rouge. In America, we have a group of transformative left-wing social engineers who are no less radical. They have laid out their apocalyptic agenda in the Green New Deal. Maybe we should call them the Khmer Vert.

Since the Khmer Vert has to settle for soft tyranny for now, we don’t yet have Killing Fields. But that doesn’t mean the Khmer Vert doesn’t come after its enemies, including the relatively mainstream liberals who enable them by not opposing them — like Dianne Feinstein. Watch and laugh as a Khmer Vert militant from a sect calling itself the Sunrise Movement launches a mob of brainwashed children at Feinstein, who has no clue how to react:

A browbeaten Feinstein belatedly responded on Twitter by pleading that she had listened to the dangerous lunacy of the indoctrinated children and planned to cripple the economy in accordance with their demands (“I have been and remain committed to doing everything I can to enact real, meaningful climate change legislation”). But she got their name wrong, calling them the “Sunshine Movement,” thereby inviting further denunciation.

To see where this is heading, Feinstein and the rest of the Democrat Party need to look back into history, past even the Khmer Rouge, to the original left-wing revolution that established the template for all that followed, the French Revolution. Once the Jacobins are in control, anyone who could pass as remotely moderate qualifies for the guillotine.

On a tip from Varla and Kate P.

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