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Aug 06 2016

Did Obama Commit Felony by Paying $400 Million Ransom to Iran?

Despite the absurd bald-faced lies the Obama Administration arrogantly expects us accept, it is beyond any question that the $400 million given to the terrorists running Iran in exchange for hostages was a ransom payment. Was it also a felony? Judge Napolitano raises the possibility:

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15 Responses to “Did Obama Commit Felony by Paying $400 Million Ransom to Iran?”

  1. abnoxio says:

    Does it really matter if our public servants commit felonies anymore? No one in a position to prosecute seems to give a damn.

  2. MAS says:

    He could commit a chainsaw massacre of a stadium of pre schoolers on every video media and live TV outlet on the planet and nothing would happen. The only justice remaining is the justice from the Holy God of the universe and I would not want to be B.O. when he faces the Lord. Might just be a small issue with allowing himself to be called the messiah just for starters.

  3. HRC says:

    He did indeed, but what difference does it make now?

  4. Jack says:

    Even if he did, what difference does it make now. The legend is untouchable.

  5. magic1114 says:

    And if it was a felony, so what? He’ll skate on this one just like he’s skated on every crime he’s committed while in office. It’s almost as if it’s not even worth the effort to report on this criminal POS President…

  6. 762x51 says:

    Hey, it’s not like he was running guns to Mexican Drug Cartels or Middle East Terrorists out of the Benghazi Consulate . . . . this time.

    Every day is a new opportunity for a different felony with Barry Davis, . . . .er . . . . . ah, I mean Obama.

  7. 762x51 says:

    No, but I’d like a decent seat . . . . and snacks.

  8. Vic Kelley says:

    On bad days, I feel the same what difference does it make feeling. I am going to hope that a future President holds obama accountable, and John Kerry, and Mrs. Clinton, eric holder, etc.

  9. Buffalobob says:

    Obama’s ransom money. $400,000,000 in $100 dollar bills… about 4 US tons of paper. Not a ransom at all, just walking around money for the mullahs. it’s the Chicago way.

  10. Kevin R. says:

    Great article on this illegal activity of Obama by Andy McCarthy at National Review today:

    —Treasury’s published guidance regarding Iran states that, in general, “the clearing of U.S. dollar- or other currency-denominated transactions through the U.S. financial system or involving a U.S. person remain prohibited[.]” (See here, p.17, sec. C.14.) I’ve added italics to highlight that it is not just U.S. dollar transactions that are prohibited; foreign currency is also barred. Obama’s cash payment, of course, involved both — a fact we’ll be revisiting shortly.—

    Read more at:

  11. Paulampastore1 says:

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  12. timu2cool says:

    Does it matter? Obama,at this point is above the law,just like the Clintons..
    We are on the verge of loosing this country. How many Americans could 400
    million dollars help?
    Insane and criminal..

  13. timu2cool says:

    public servants. more like hogs at the trough.

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