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May 15 2016

Difference Found Between Trump and Hillary: Wall Versus Fence

What’s the difference between the original Hillary and the orange-faced version? Trump calls it a wall, whereas Shrillary calls it a fence:

Whatever you call it, it has already been partially built. Trump and Shrillary are equally likely to oversee its completion, although Trump is the one who promised a “big beautiful door” in it to let immigrants through. Also, he is the more likely of the two to paint it gold and cover it in rhinestones.

What matters is not fences or walls but responsible leadership that faithfully executes immigration law.

On a tip from C. Steven Tucker.

18 Responses to “Difference Found Between Trump and Hillary: Wall Versus Fence”

  1. 762x51 says:

    Neither one, alone, is sufficient. A wall at least 40′ – 50′ high backed by a fence of the same height with a deadmans land of concertina, tangle foot and claymores surveilled by cameras and drones with a ground surveillance radar system would be a good start but you also need seismic and motion sensors to detect tunneling.

    Once that is in place the defined ports of entry system would need to be beefed up because they aren’t going to stop trying.

    The real border fence as it exists today under the Obama/Clinton government.

  2. Stosh says:

    “Whatever you call it, it has already been partially built. Chump and Shrillary are equally UN-likely to oversee its completion”

    There fixed it for you…

  3. cecil2 says:

    Right, Hilliary would be right on the issue if Trump hadn;t brought it up. Right on it.


  4. Stephanie McCall says:

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  5. barry seal says:

    do any of you have the guts to talk about mena arkansas and clintons drug involvement in iran contra drug dealing?

  6. toheckwithyou says:

    …..still shilling for Shillary.

  7. TED says:

    TRUMP, HILLARY?! THERE is NO DIFFERENCE other than Trump pretends to be a conservative!

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