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Aug 30 2012

Dirty Barry vs Dirty Harry

Other than Comrade Chairman Obama getting trounced in November, nothing could make this lifelong Clint Eastwood fan happier than to see the Man With No Name give moonbattery a kick in the pants at the RNC tonight. As Dirty Harry, he does have some experience dealing with the scuttling lowlife brand of opponent patriots find themselves up against.

Compliments of Granny Jan.

5 Responses to “Dirty Barry vs Dirty Harry”

  1. jackchrista says:

    That’s the music that comes to mind when I associate music with Clint Eastwood…in my little brain. We’ll be watching the RNC in Tampa via FBN or FNC. I’ll definitely stay awake until Clint Eastwood appears !!!

  2. Granny Jan says:

    Thanks, Dave. I heard they will be playing the song (the soundtrack from this video….that’s why it has an ad from Google )”The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” when he is introduced tonight.

  3. Henry says:


    “Do you feel lucky, Prog? Well… do ya?”

  4. Momster says:

    Instead of just having an empty chair representing ZerObama, Clint should have had an empty suit on the empty chair.

  5. Cameraman says:

    Clint Eastwood” A Man”s got to Know his limitations!

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