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Apr 19 2020

Disney’s DuckTales Promotes Gay Agenda

Meanwhile, as our attention is focused on the overblown ChiCom pandemic, liberal social engineers carry on as relentlessly as rust in their task of destroying innocence, decency, and civilization in general. For example, Disney exploits its trusted position to promote homosexuality to small children.

The Disney show DuckTales reveals that the character Violet has two fathers and no mother. They adopt her friend Lena.

Via LifeSiteNews:

In season three’s first episode, as Lena steps forward to be recognized during a Junior Woodchuck meeting, her excited sister cheers for her from the crowd, shouting, “That’s my sister from a couple misters.” Violet is seated next to two adult males, each wearing a tee shirt proclaiming “I’M WITH DAD” and an arrow pointing to the other half of the male couple.

Small children trying to make sense of the world are easy prey for disorienting propaganda. As we grow older, the concept of depravity serves as an immune system. But kids young enough to watch DuckTales have no idea what the word “depraved” means. Everything they see is likely to be accepted as normal. That’s the idea of suffusing children’s entertainment with advocacy of the sick LGBT agenda.

At no point in the past would anyone have believed that we would one day put up with this.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Greg O.

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