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Jan 10 2019

Disparate Impact Moonbattery Contributes to Mayhem on DC Metro

It is a glorious time to be oppressed. The concept of “disparate impact” allows Cultural Marxist authorities to bestow upon the oppressed all manner of special privileges. In the District of Corruption, this includes decriminalized turnstile jumping on public transportation. From last fall:

The D.C. Council voted Tuesday to decriminalize Metro fare evasion in the District, citing concerns over soaring enforcement levels and disproportionate enforcement against African Americans.

If blacks are more likely to evade fares, evading fares must be decriminalized. Otherwise, there will be disparate impact.

Groups that tend to evade fares are rewarded at the expense of those who pay their fares. But that doesn’t count as disparate impact, because… because racist oppression.

The Council’s move replaced criminal fare evasion penalties of up to $300 fine and up to 10 days in jail with a $50 civil infraction with no mechanism to collect.

Metro does not have exact figures on how much revenue it loses annually to fare evasion, but has estimated the figure to be up to $25 million.

A small price to pay to heal the wounds of racist oppression!

Bringing us up to date with a more recent story,

MTPD [Metro Transit Police Department] arrested Leon Quarles, 23, of Washington, DC, on charges of felony assault following a violent and unprovoked attack on two innocent Metro customers at Navy Yard Station [Tuesday] evening.

The victims of the evening rush hour attack were a woman aged 59 and a man aged 39, both of whom probably paid their fare, but neither of whom is likely to belong to a favored identity group, in contrast to their assailant.

The investigation revealed that the suspect … approached the female victim and, without warning or provocation, struck her in the head from behind, causing her to lose consciousness and fall to the floor. She was transported to a local hospital, where she was admitted for fractures to facial bones, lacerations and a concussion. The suspect then approached the male victim, also striking him in the head. …

The investigation also revealed that Quarles fare evaded at Navy Yard Station twice prior to the attacks.

Quarles was arrested for assault and for some shoplifting he had done that day, but not for fare evasion, thanks to the DC Council’s moonbattery mentioned above.

Metro strongly opposed the Council’s action, noting that the overwhelming majority of major crime cases on Metro have a fare-evasion component. As Metro has increased enforcement of fare-payment in recent years, serious crime has dropped dramatically, and last year, Part I (serious) crime on Metro dropped to its lowest level since 1999.

Now that fare evasion has the green light, crime can be expected to return to its previous levels. Allow a little lawlessness and you will get a lot of it.

Speaking of which, someone needs to conduct a study to see if laws against assaulting people on the subway disparately affect persons of politically preferred pigmentation. Maybe that should be decriminalized too.

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