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Jan 29 2020

Do-Gooder NGOs Prevent Africans From Feeding Themselves

Progressives love Africans — but they love enviromoonbattery more.

Africa is experiencing its worst locust infestation in 75 years. This is not the only big problem for those trying to grow food. The fall armyworm has reduced yields by 50% in some areas. They also have to worry about wheat rust, banana wilt, cassava mosaic virus, and countless more pests, molds, and diseases. Worst of all, they have to deal with envirorighteous moonbats.

Via CapX:

Over the last decade, development organizations and activist NGOs have increasingly pushed organic-style agriculture on the poorest nations, making assistance dependent on a highly politicized version of “agro-ecology” that arbitrarily limits pesticides, bans advanced hybrid crops and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and extols the virtues of “peasant” farming.

Lavish generosity from the West comes with strings. African countries have been bullied into banning hundreds of pesticides that many regulatory agencies deem safe. The technology that allows American agriculture to produce such bounties is denied to African farmers, who are literally advised to kill the swarming millions of locusts one by one with their hands.

When famine hits hard, we will be deluged with heartbreaking images of starving African children. We will be persuaded or coerced to provide Africans with the food they were not allowed to grow for themselves. This will leave moonbat NGOs with even more power to impose their deranged and dysfunctional vision of how other people should live.

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