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Jul 13 2020

Doctors Without Borders Denounced as Racist

If no good deed goes unpunished, then Doctors Without Borders is in for a reckoning. Even an organization devoted to providing emergency medical assistance to the Third World can be accused of racism, as we learn from the ultrawoke Guardian:

The medical NGO Médecins Sans Frontières is institutionally racist and reinforces colonialism and white supremacy in its humanitarian work, according to an internal statement signed by 1,000 current and former members of staff. …

Addressed to senior management and colleagues, the letter calls for an independent investigation into racism within the organisation and for urgent root and branch reform to dismantle “decades of power and paternalism”.

Some within Doctors Without Borders have even refused to toe the line regarding black supremacist ideology.

The statement follows fierce internal debate about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement. Some staff were angry at a recent statement released by MSF Italy, suggesting it should not use the term “racism” and that “everyone, starting with MSF”, should talk about “all lives matter”.

Stating that “all lives matter” is now regarded as hate speech. The penalty ranges from ostracization to death.

MSF, one of the world’s largest humanitarian organisations, which was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1999, provides emergency medical services to people in need in poorer countries and conflict zones.

Last year, it employed 65,000 staff, about 90% of whom were hired locally. However, most of its operations are run by European senior managers out of five operational centres in western Europe, with only one, which opened last year in Senegal, located in the global south.

That makes it racist.

Shaista Aziz, former MSF aid worker and the co-founder of NGO Safe Space, an intersectional feminist platform seeking accountability over #AidToo abuse, said: “This moment of reckoning is massively overdue.” …

Change, Aziz said, “requires brave and bold leadership and it requires a lot of ‘do-gooding’ white people with power to get out of the way”.

Fine. White people can get out of the way and let you provide your own medical care. Works for me.

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