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Jul 21 2020

Documenting the Death of Portland

Photographer Mike Lewis and his daughter/assistant Sydney continue to document what Black Lives Matter/Antifa moonbats have been doing to Portland with the support of local Democrat officials and the media. Please excuse the tears at the beginning; you can hardly blame Sydney for being upset as she begins to realize what kind of world she will have to grow up in if liberals keep winning the Culture War:

ACAB stands for “all cops are bastards,” which stands to reason, since according to prevailing liberal ideology criminal sociopaths like George Floyd are the good guys. It also means “all capitalists are bastards.” This is possibly more relevant, since the “mostly peaceful protests” have more to do with Marxism than with imaginary systemic racism among the police.

Since the national media won’t do much except shriek in outrage that federal troops were sent in to protect federal buildings, we turn to local media to learn what life is like for business owners in a city effectively ruled by Antifa:

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