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Apr 23 2019

Dog-Walking Now Regarded as Racist

To the long list of sinful practices proving that the white man is irredeemably racist, we can now add dog-walking:

More insight into the racistness of dog-walking from Matzoh O’Rourke:

You might be thinking this guy is some kind of screwball. But dog-walking really is racist when white people do it. I refer skeptical readers to genuine scholarly research — to wit, the peer-reviewed academic journal Sociological Forum:

In human–animal studies, dogs are often framed as promoters of interactions among strangers. Yet very few of these studies discuss how racial structure shapes human‐to‐human engagement. [… This study found that by] reinforcing a white, urban, middle‐class habitus, white residents used dogs to maintain interracial boundaries and feelings of safety, as well as navigate racial‐ethnic differences between themselves and their Black and Latinx neighbors.

Still not convinced? Recall that Kate Smith was recently exposed as a racist and banished to the Memory Hole by both the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Flyers. Now watch this dog — which is flagrantly white — singing along with her.

Anyone who walks that dog is as deserving of erasure on grounds of racism as Kate Smith herself.

On tips from Steve T and Byron. Hat tip: The American Conservative.

One Response to “Dog-Walking Now Regarded as Racist”

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