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Nov 02 2018

Don Lemon Doubles Down

Prominent CNN propagandist Don Lemon tipped his hand when he proclaimed on air that white men are “the biggest terror threat in this country” and that “we have to start doing something about them.” Since then, instead of apologizing or claiming to have misspoken, he has actually doubled down on his outrageous statement.

Lemon said Wednesday that the “evidence is overwhelming” that the statement is true.

Lemon then cited statistics proving to his own satisfaction that white men (like his gay boyfriend) are the main source of terrorism.

Here’s a stat he did not cite, from 2016:

In fact, the number of those killed at the Orlando Pulse nightclub by Omar Mateen (49) was more than all the deaths from “right-wing” terrorism since 9/11 COMBINED (48).

Mateen, who identified with Islamic State, targeted his victims because they were homosexuals like Don Lemon. But maybe Lemon would give him a pass for being Muslim.

Needless to say, 9/11 alone dwarfs the casualties from all other terrorism in this country; as the media has largely forgotten, 9/11 was an Islamic outreach initiative.

Imagine if someone were to bark Lemon’s deranged words verbatim, with just a couple of substitutions:

“We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is black homosexuals, most of them radicalized to the left, and we have to start doing something about them.”

Such a person would never be seen on television again. Yet Don Lemon is not going anywhere. It pays to be oppressed.

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