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Jun 18 2018

Donald Giusti Dies Defending His Country from Foreign Invasion in Lewiston, Maine

Multiculturalism has claimed the life of Donald Giusti, who died Friday of injuries sustained in Lewiston, Maine’s Kennedy Park.

Kennedy Park once was a suitable place for children to play. This changed after a large Somali colony was established in Lewiston.

In May, Somalis set upon Americans in the park, laughingly beating them with sticks…

Then, last Tuesday, a group of Somalis fired pellet guns at non-Somalis in the same park. A fight broke out and one non-Somali, a 38-year-old father of two, died days later from his injuries.

That would be Giusti.

Previously, a 10-year-old girl was jumped and beaten by a Somali girl at the park. As such occurrences become more common in Lewiston, many lifelong residents are now afraid to bring their own children to play. …

According to local news accounts, on any given day, dozens if not hundreds of Somali youth – most of them under 18, can be found occupying the park.

How anyone could think that importing Somalia into America is a good idea is beyond comprehension.

Giusti ought to be buried with military honors. He died defending his country from foreign invasion.

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