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Mar 26 2019

Don’t Work as a Delivery Man in NYC

Civilization only works because most of us are civilized. Where a critical mass of barbarity is achieved, civilization breaks down. Bill de Blasio’s New York City is a case in point. It is a poor place to work as a delivery man:

Surveillance cameras in the Bronx caught a brutal assault and robbery of a delivery man by a violent group of attackers.

Police say the 36-year-old victim was making a delivery for Uber Eats when four men ambushed him and pushed the worker off his bike.

The group then punched the victim to the ground and allegedly threatened him with a knife before getting away with his electric bike and iPhone.

It was hardly an unusual occurrence.

The gang-style ambush is the latest report in a disturbing and growing trend of groups beating other New Yorkers throughout the city.

Law-abiding citizens have been disarmed by their government, leaving them completely at the mercy of packs of young savages that are bred for their votes by the welfare state.

It took many thousands of years to climb out of the jungle. It is only taking a few decades to slide back into it.

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