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Jun 04 2019

Drag Queen Story Hour Encounters Some Resistance

The appalling Drag Queen Story Hour phenomenon continues.

In order to “virtue” signal their contempt for virtue, and to instill a favorable attitude toward depravity in young children, libraries across the country have been arranging for flamboyant sexual deviants who sometimes have criminal records for sex offences (see here and here) to dress up as hypersexualized pseudowomen and present themselves to innocent kids.

From Massachusetts:

Hundreds of supporters and families with children turned out to the first-ever Drag Queen Storytime at the Fall River Public Library on Saturday morning, an event to kick off June as Pride Month in the LGBTQX community.

Despite opposition, it was a peaceful — and popular — event.

Popular among those with the politically correct point of view, anyway. Peaceful because of course it was peaceful. Opponents to sickness do not tend to be violent, as the media implies.

Library-goers filled the meeting room and hallway and spilled out the door. In order to accommodate everyone, drag queen Naomi Chomsky offered three separate readings to allow everyone to participate.

“Today is about the children and celebrating diversity,” Chomsky told the press before storytime.

The media loves these sick spectacles and can be relied upon to promote them with gushing enthusiasm. When there is pushback from parents, the media scowls. Fourteen miles away, in Bristol, Rhode Island, the pushback worked:

A library in Bristol decided to cancel their “Drag Queen Story Hour” event due to threats of protests and possibly violence from residents.

No evidence is presented that violence was a serious possibility.

Rogers Free Library said in a statement that the need for police presence at the event, “was not a welcoming and appropriate context for children and their families.”

Actually, it is not the police but drag queens making a belligerent display of their deviancy whose presence is not an appropriate context for children.

The Bristol Democratic Town Committee was crushed by the cancelation:

“Rogers Free Library announced earlier this week that it had canceled a scheduled ‘Drag Queen Story Hour,’ stating that Bristol didn’t seem ‘ready’ for such an event and that it ‘may be something more diverse communities can appreciate,'” a statement from the committee reads. “This type of discrimination runs in direct contrast to the library’s stated mission of inclusivity and community, and in opposition to our shared Democratic values.”

Submersing children in perversion passes for values now among Democrats.

The corruption has already gone beyond story hour spectacles. Young boys now known as “Desmond Is Amazing” and “Queen Lactacia” have been recruited into the sick world of drag queens. They are denied the innocence that is every child’s right.

Presenting Naomi Chomsky, fittingly named after a moonbat:

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