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Jan 30 2020

Drag Queen Story Hour Indoctrination for Public School First-Graders

If you don’t want your small children groomed by drag queens, keep them away from public libraries — and also public schools. The drag queen story hour indoctrination campaign may soon reach the one you send your kids to.

Via Christian Headlines:

A first-grade class at Maurice Sendak Community School (PS 118), a public school in Brooklyn, N.Y., will host a Drag Queen Story Hour for the students Feb. 24…

It isn’t the first time, to judge from the note to parents from a first-grade teacher that is screen-capped in the tweet above.

Drag Queen Story Hour, the teacher explained, “is run by a drag queen who will visit our school on Monday, February 24th.” Often during Drag Queen Story Hour, the drag queen reads a book to children about LGBT issues.

What, you thought these perverts were brought in to read kids The Cat in the Hat? Reverence for all things LGBT must be instilled early, before natural revulsion has time to develop.

“[A drag queen] will read to the students, all while teaching into ideas of inclusiveness, gender fluidity and gender roles, family structures, acceptance, empathy, and individuality,” the note says.

After the kids have mastered gender fluidity, then maybe the educrats will devote some time to teaching the alphabet.

Drag queen story hour has already invaded churches; why would government schools be immune?

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

One Response to “Drag Queen Story Hour Indoctrination for Public School First-Graders”

  1. […] Be advised that the permit “allows after sunset parking for stargazing only.” That means no necking in the car. But it’s okay in New York for drag queens to groom first-graders in public schools. […]

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