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Nov 30 2018

Drake University Hate Hoax Notes

If they really are smart enough to be in college, you would think hate hoaxers could come up with something more original than the anonymous racist note. Then again, these notes still work, due to the eagerness of educrats to exploit them as opportunities to demand uniform allegiance to moonbat ideology. Check out the menacing reaction to some racist notes by Marty Martin, President of Drake University in Des Moines:

Notable quote:

“There is no room for anyone saying ‘this is not my concern’ or ‘I don’t want to get involved.'”

Everyone must believe — even if what they are required to believe in once again proves to be a lie:

A Drake University student faces charges Friday after police said she faked a racist note found in a campus dorm.

Two presumed Coeds of Color reported receiving notes under their dorm room doors on November 15. A third note materialized two weeks later. Predictably,

Police said that one of the alleged victims, an 18-year-old female Drake University student, admitted to being responsible for this note.

The likelihood of the other notes being genuine is negligible.

Marty Martin turns out to be right that the notes “show us the corruptness” of the soul of their author. He was correct again when he said the objective of these “heinous acts” was “to sow fear and anguish, and to then sit back and watch us fight among ourselves.”

Maybe Marty Mart keeps himself in tune with the times by regularly reviewing the Hate Hoax List, and guessed from the beginning that this was yet another hoax.

On a tip from Wilberforce.

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