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Aug 02 2018

Drinking Straws Update: Breaking Bad Santa Barbara

In light of the moonbat jihad against drinking straws (see here, here, and here) having reached the point that providing customers with straws is now punishable with jail time in Santa Barbara, see if you can guess whether this is a legitimate story or fake news from the Babylon Bee:

Strapped for cash and down on his luck, Santa Barbara high school chemistry teacher, Winston Silver … noticed that plastic straws were now being sold on the black market at an incredibly high cost but inferior quality. …

Silver bought a used RV and drove it into the Mojave Desert to make his first batch of superior drinking straws. What he created was a crystal clear, sturdy, bendy, bright-blue drinking straw. “99.1% chemically pure blue plastic,” Silver said with pride. “Far superior to anything out there right now.” He named his product “Sky Blue Straws,” and they have taken the streets of Santa Barbara by storm, showing up in empty Big Gulp cups at crime scenes all over town, baffling police and angering straw dealers with inferior products.

Walter White could not be reached for comment.

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