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Jan 19 2020

During Iranian Hostage Crisis, Bernie’s Party Backed Iran

Given the way Democrats have objected to killing terrorist mastermind Qasem Soleimani, you might think they would even have sided with the militants who initiated Iranian hostilities back in November 1979 by seizing the US embassy in Teheran and holding Americans hostage for 444 days. At least in the case of Bernie Sanders, you would probably be right.

Even the Daily Beast is alarmed:

[I]n 1980 [Sanders] aligned himself with the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), the self-proclaimed Trotskyist revolutionary party, became its presidential elector in Vermont, and campaigned for its candidates and platform that defended the Iranian hostage seizure.

Virtually all Americans agreed that the Iranians were out of line and ought to free the hostages. Not Bernie’s SWP.

When its presidential candidate, Andrew Pulley, came to speak at the University of Vermont in October 1980, Sanders chaired the meeting. …

In his standard stump speech, Pulley condemned “Carter’s war drive against the Iranian people,” and said that the U.S. “was on the brink of war with Iran” …

Sound familiar? After Soleimani was killed, the liberal media shrieked that we were on the verge of World War III.

As for the hostages, Pulley said “we can be sure that many of them are simply spies… or people assigned to protect the spies.”

Pulley’s words were a direct echo of what the Islamic Society of University Teachers and Students had declared on Nov. 4, 1979 : “We defend the capture of this imperialist embassy, which is a center for espionage.”

Today, it is Democrats and the liberal media that echo Iranian propaganda. Malevolent fanatics like Bernie Sanders are so mainstream among these people now that he could win the Democrat nomination.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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