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Apr 23 2019

Dutch Politician Wants Halal Beaches

Europe will have to undergo modifications to meet with the approval of the new population its progressive rulers have been importing. For example, beaches featuring scantily clad females will have to go. The first step is to establish halal beaches; eventually, the nonhalal beaches will be banned or forced to close with terrorist attacks. Dhimmi politician Arnoud van Doorn, who has converted to Islam, addresses the task. From HLN, as translated at Jihad Watch:

According to Van Doorn, there is a need for a so-called “halal beach”. Muslims don’t feel at home on most beaches, he says. “Not only Muslims, but also many other residents feel uncomfortable with the appearance of very scantily dressed and often unesthetically designed beachgoers,” he writes to the city council of The Hague.

It isn’t just Muslims. Lots of Dutch people want to trade bikinis for burkas. Because the Dutch have such a straight-laced culture. By the way, Van Doorn himself has been sentenced to community service for selling drugs to minors.

Give Van Doorn credit; “unesthetically designed” is a class A euphemism for those who actually would look better in a burka. However, other moonbats tell us to celebrate public displays of morbid obesity in the interests of advancing radical feminism.

Here’s an Arnoud van Doorn fun fact. Remember Willie Dille, the Dutch politician who was gang-raped by Muslims and then committed suicide? She said that Van Doorn ordered the attack.

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